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224 Main St
Venice, CA, 90291

(310) 314-4490



About the Designer


I’m a native Californian. I grew up in Los Angeles.

I spent the late 60’s and early 70’s between Los Angeles and San Francisco. I attended the San Francisco Art Institute and was a photography major.

I loved bright colors, wild patterns, rock music and illicit substances. I was a major hippie and a diehard Bob Dylan fan.

I lucked out, married a rock star, and moved to New York City. Later, I moved back to California and had a son.

I worked as a stylist and toured with bands until my son, Jake, was 4. We were backstage in Minneapolis and he ripped the ear plugs out of his ears and declared, “Mom, I want a normal life.” That immediately prompted me to abandon my career of styling and designing custom clothes for rock bands and I set out to build my own company. Shortly thereafter, my eponymous label was born, in 1992.

I set up shop in Venice (when it was still dangerous), met my artist boyfriend of over 20 years, settled in, and began shipping dresses to major department stores and boutiques all around the country.

By 2004, I was ready to open my first store, confident that my support from the Hollywood and music communities would follow me to the new location.

I was right. So here I am: 224 Main St, Venice, CA 90291.

A Letter from the Designer

We support longevity. My clothes are fashion forward but never trendy. This helps to insure that these pieces will be in your closet for years to come. They are well constructed from quality materials, and whenever possible we use organic fabrics. Many of our pieces can be cold water washed and hung to dry, conserving energy. We have adapted our own 100 Mile Radius Rule. All of our clothes are made within 100 miles of us to conserve fuel. We can control the conditions under which the collection is made. It is and always has been fair trade. We are working towards the bigger picture. Buy local, be nice.