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NEW Fall Perfumes!


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NEW Fall Perfumes!

Ginni Pinckert

We're introducing three deliciously sultry scents from our friends over at  Strange Invisible Perfumes, just in time for fall! With the autumnal equinox behind us, we are certainly ready to bring on the intoxicating aromas of the harvest season. Celebrate with one of these amazing concoctions - like all their products, they smell wonderful! 

BLACK ROSETTE - With notes of hydro-distilled rose, honey, black tea, leather and spearmint, Black Rosette manages to be both heady and grounded at the same time. This scent showcases the dark side of roses; it has serious depth, so forget about that shallow garden romp you're used to. It opens with the decadent scent of crushed rose petals, supported by the tenor harmonies of dried tea-leaves. The Moroccan spearmint creates a simmering herbal lightness, while the baritone aroma of leather puts the bass notes into this symphony. Honey is the medium that rounds everything out, giving a sweetness that's pleasant, but not overbearing.

MAGAZINE STREET - Magnolia, vanilla, vetiver and botanical musk give Magazine Street (inspired by the city of New Orleans) it's sense of a luscious garden of riotous growth. The opulent sweetness of magnolia and vanilla is tempered by the herbal greenery of vetiver. It has a bold opening that fades into a gorgeous lightness. As the floral opening wanes slightly, it gives way to the nutty and woody aromas of botanical musk, which provides the subtle weight that gives this perfume it's languid appeal. Overall, the aroma has a delicious buttery texture redolent of luxuriant foliage cleansed by the rain, or of verdant wildness infused with historical depth. 

PELOPONNESIAN - Peloponnesian contains the aromas of hydro-distilled orange and lime, cypress, orange flower, mountain sage honey, and botanical musk. This divine amalgamation evokes the stirring sea breezes of the Southern Greek islands. It opens on a shimmering citrus note, with the smoky, pine-like spice of cypress in the foreground. This potent medley is soon mitigated by the soothing sweetness of orange blossom, along with mellifluous mountain sage honey. The liquid balance between the fragrant citrus and the woody spice of herbal pungency is what makes this perfume a true masterpiece. It fades into a memory of the ancient traditions of the region, it's tang refined into the silken texture of Mediterranean vistas.