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Fall Collection 2015: Coming Soon!

Pamela Barish

Rosemary cotton plaid blouse with Marian cashmere shawl

We are happy to present the theme of our Fall Collection 2015: The Briar & the Rose! This one hearkens back to the roots of our archetypes; think of the natural elements and  the mythic kernels of folklore.  Imagine the kind of woman whose femininity is potent enough to inspire generations of tales. Through power, mystique, and confidence, they have forged their own unique paths. This season, we endeavor to tap into the energy of these tropes, and present you with a modernized way to live the legend. 

Ayra blouse in kaleidoscope print w/ plaid wool wrap pants

Ayra blouse in kaleidoscope print w/ plaid wool wrap pants

What would such a woman wear if she walked the earth today? She would swathe herself in individual luxury. She would rise above the chaos of ordinary life and embrace a cool serenity. Blaze your own distinctive trail in styles that are thoughtfully constructed, respectfully produced, and tailored specifically to you. 

Heather tartan Tennessee Williams with cashmere Patch Pocket Coat

Further the evolution of style by redefining the feminine motifs of our collective subconscious. The demure shepherdess,  the powerful queen, the star-crossed lover, the mysterious priestess - these are only some of the iconic analogs we've drawn from to craft our upcoming collection. Which character do you choose? Which symbol strikes your soul?

Rosemary blouse with Greta skirt

Embrace the quintessential and become the model for an entirely new generation of lore. Like your forebears - expect more. Clean lines and classic cuts - modernized and redefined shapes that are inspired by the past, but not of the past.

Gillian dress in navy lace

Go ahead, step into your place in the pantheon of timeless style. Evolve, refresh, but stay true to the core of yourself. Please join us during our explorations into the paradigms of femininity as we present to you The Briar & the Rose: coming to the store Sept. 8, 2015.